Welcome Letter


October News

During these hot early fall months, we can experience challenging weather conditions with wind, excessive heat and even ash. After wind storms or fires it may take up to three weeks to get your pool back to normal operating condition and service days may vary during these times.

Please also remember we can help you with all your pool needs:

  • Equipment Repairs
  • Equipment Upgrades
  • Acid Washes
  • Automatic Pool Sweeps
  • Salt Systems

Chemical Service

What’s MY job if I get Only chemical service

When your pool tech puts chemicals into the pool that is only part of the proper care that is needed to keep your pool in good condition.

On a weekly basis you should be: Brushing all wall surfaces of the pool. Vacuuming the floor manually or with a pool sweep. Additionally, remember that pool sweeps aid in cleaning but you still need to brush you pool walls and steps as needed. If you do not brush your walls, dirt will accumulate. The more dirt you have on the walls the more chance you will develop algae because that’s what it grows on. You should also be checking your skimmer and pump baskets and keep them clean. Pool filters should be cleaned or serviced every 3-6 months under normal use. The pump should be running an hour for every 10 degrees of temperature. For example: 70 degree water should run 7 hours a day The more you run the pump the cleaner and less problematic the pool will be. If the walls are brushed for 10 minutes on a weekly basis, and you make sure to check your system regularly, you and your pool should be at its very best.