How long should I run my pool equipment?

The minimum time your pump should be running is 6-8 hours a day. If you have a variable speed pump, it is best to run it at a lower speed for longer which can save you money over your single speed pump.

What should my water level be?

The proper height of your pool’s water level should be 2-3″ above the bottom of the skimmer. During the summer time, your pool will lose up to 2″ a week due to evaporation. If your pool starts to have air coming out of the jets every couple of minutes, please add water to the pool using a garden hose. Keeping your pool filled with enough water is your responsibility as the homeowner and keeps your pool running properly.

After heavy rains should I be concerned about the rising pool water?

Most pool have drains on the pool decks. In the rare occasion we have heavy rains, the water will go into the deck drains.

How long should I wait after the pool tech adds chemicals to my pool before I can swim?

Thirty minutes with the pump running.

My pump is making a strange noise. What should I do?

If your pump is making a loud noise turn it off and call us. We will check it out right away.