Chlorine vs. Salt Pools – What’s Best?

There is a special choice that determines just about every aspect of maintaining and caring for your pool. This choice is chlorine or salt. Salt tends to get a higher approval by homeowners because they feel there is less chemicals and it is more natural, however there are equal pros for chlorine as well.

If you have sensitive skin, or light hair salt water is gentle and will not turn your blonde into green. Additionally, your system makes sanitizer on a daily basis so with salt water your system is running to keep an even level of chemicals vs adding a lot of chlorine at one time. Chlorine level starts high and then declines so you must continue dosing. With that being said, most homeowners have hard times with salt because of a lack of knowledge with how to take care of / service the pool. Also if your pool equipment is older, it will be harder on your system and lastly, It will damage metals in the heater, pumps, and handrails.

In the long run, price doesn’t matter, and in most cases salt and chlorine cost the same. The equipment turnover for saltwater pools has a lifetime of about 5 years. This equipment however is expensive and you will end up spending the same amount of money as you would spend on chlorine.

Craig’s opinion: Chlorine pools are easier to maintain bc you know what you’re adding.

Depending on how they are running and producing, salt systems fail at different times due to improper maintenance in cleaning up salts. If chlorine doesn’t bother you, then stick with chlorine.