Homeowner Tips to Keep Your Pool at its Best

When things are taken care of, they run smoother and last longer. This also applies to your pool. The point is to enjoy it, and in order to do that as long as you can, you should follow these steps:

  • Keep service year round.
  • This will prevent from your chemicals get unbalanced
  • Don’t let your pool go in the wintertime.
  • This includes not draining your pool in the winter.
  • Plaster is made to stay wet.

The pools that are serviced and kept clean year round look better longer bc they were properly maintained. Below are some key factors for managing your backyard space.

  • Water Level – Please make sure the water level is at the middle of the tile line to ensure your equipment operates properly.
  • Property Access – Customer must provide access to the service area. Please notify us if you add or change a lock. If access cannot be gained service may not be performed and customer will not be credited due to the fact that the technician made the trip to the property.
  • Animals – Please take the necessary steps to secure your animals the day of service if they are aggressive towards others.
  • Pool Equipment – Please make sure your equipment runs the necessary amount of time to keep the water clean. We can help you determine how long it should run daily. Failure to run your pool the appropriate time can cause major problems with your pool condition and extra charges will be incurred if it is necessary to add more than normal chemicals to bring the pool back to a normal state.
  • Yard Maintenance – Pool equipment should not be obstructed by overgrown plants and vegetation.
  • Special Events – Please notify us a minimum of 7 days in advance if you have a special event scheduled and you need additional service on your pool.

Keeping these in mind will help us help you to keep your pool sparkling.