What’s My Job if I Get Only Chemical Service

Just because your pool man puts chemicals into a pool does not mean as a homeowner, your pool should stay in mint condition.

On a weekly basis you should be:

  • Brushing all wall surfaces of the pool.
  • Vacuuming the floor manually or with a pool sweep .
  • Additionally remember that pool sweeps aid in cleaning but you still need to brush you pool walls and steps.
  • If you do not brush your walls, dirt will accumulate. The more dirt you have on the walls the more chance you will develop algae because that’s what it grows on.
  • You should also be checking your skimmer and pump baskets and keep them clean.
  • Pool filters should be cleaned or serviced every 3-6 months under normal use.
  • The pump should be running an hour for every 10 degrees of temperature.

For example: 70 degree water should run 7 hours a day

The more you run the pump the cleaner and less problematic the pool will be.

If the walls are brushed for 10 minutes on a weekly basis, and you make sure to check your system regularly, you and your pool should be at its very best.