What’s My Job if I Get Only Chemical Service

Just because your pool man puts chemicals into a pool does not mean as a homeowner, your pool should stay in mint condition. On a weekly basis you should be: Brushing all wall surfaces of the pool. Vacuuming the floor manually or with a pool sweep . Additionally remember that pool sweeps aid in cleaning … Read more

Homeowner Tips to Keep Your Pool at its Best

When things are taken care of, they run smoother and last longer. This also applies to your pool. The point is to enjoy it, and in order to do that as long as you can, you should follow these steps: Keep service year round. This will prevent from your chemicals get unbalanced Don’t let your … Read more

Chlorine vs. Salt Pools – What’s Best?

There is a special choice that determines just about every aspect of maintaining and caring for your pool. This choice is chlorine or salt. Salt tends to get a higher approval by homeowners because they feel there is less chemicals and it is more natural, however there are equal pros for chlorine as well. If … Read more